Friday, May 11, 2012

"I sustain forever my gaze."

Hey, friends and family

I have been so busy recently I haven't had a chance to sit down and even write about what I'm doing here. So I apologize for waiting this long.

I just started a School Of Ministry Development and I am interning with a local church.We also have been given teaching by Floyd McClung on passion. He is putting forward the idea that a passion is something you are willing to die for. That your passions are an anchor in times of storms and that our passions come from the heart of us.I have been so distracted lately it has been difficult for me to truly just chill out and process his teaching. However I think that God has been showing me a lot of passions good and bad in my life. Music and art influence can definitely develop into those passions both good and bad. I strongly believe you represent whatever kingdom you are most familiar with. If you are listening to only negative music and grow up in a negative scene around mostly negative people its no surprise you will turn out to be a pretty negative person. If you know all the latest celebrity gossip,all the controversy, who is marrying who or who is divorcing who, maybe you have been spending too much time in that kingdom. If you are going to every single christian conference you can go to. If you are listening to every preacher and you start to speak their words, talk and look just like them then maybe you have been spending too much time in that kingdom. I also strongly believe that music should not be boiled down to look like something classified as "christian" and "non-christian" but I have recognized where there is room for improvement in the outlook I have on life so I have been trying to slowly transition my influences of art, music and writing in a hope that it will make room in my life for more heart-change an increase in my relationship with God and create a more patient or peaceful soul for things to come. Recently I have also had a renewal in perspective of how lucky and privileged I am to be involved in the ministry I currently am.
I am so blessed, it is a gift to be here.
 Thank you so much for the people back home rooting for me and supporting me I'm stoked to be posting more info on my ministry and what I'm doing here ;)

If anyone is looking for some good chill music to check out I recently found a gnarly artist you should check out:

The artist is "Thomas Giles" the album is called "pulse" and is about a year old. I love how hypnotic it sounds, you can just fall asleep to it. It still has a couple heavy songs though which is so rad.  I have not heard an album that is this good in a while. The vocalist of the band "Between the Buried and Me" wrote it. It is like rubbing cotton candy inside of your lungs!

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