Friday, June 15, 2012


What's up guys? Still kickin' it here in la. The past week we had a speaker come and talk about valuing women and empowering them to aspire to Gods desire for their lives. It was hard to hear statistics about little girls being killed in other countries (1,000,000 being killed a year in India alone). So yeah, that was a major bummer.. The other part was a little hard for me to grasp altogether, the speaker(whose name escapes me) talked about how we(being westerners) disrespect women. For me the whole time I was sitting there asking myself.. "Do I discriminate against women?" I understand that the reason he was coming here to speak obviously wasn't to manipulate us into believing something that was untrue.

    So the bitter truth is sd;lbfr8ey3h40r Sorry about that the keyboard I'm typing on is the worst thing ever I'm pretty sure someone actually spilled a drink on it (I don't blame them its a piece of crap).

The truth is that in our western culture all you have to do is get into your car and turn on the radio to hear a woman being disrespected. That being said, taking the teaching and applying it to myself directly I couldn't see an overwhelming pattern of discrimination to women alone. I voiced my opinion when we met as a school. "I disrespect everyone equally." where the words I used I think. Please don't take me out of context on that. If I'm arguing with someone and I think they are wrong or if I am irritated and need to confront someone the words "and your a woman!" never come to mind. So to me the teaching was nice to hear and have an understanding of what the world thinks of women so I can act being sensitive of that.

The youth group I'm interning with this super rad they are gnarly kids who are stoked to do something with what they've got we just started to develop getting worship going when we meet so that's awesome too.

Other than that circuit riders  is starting soon which should be interesting. I'm not really sure what to think about it to be on hundred percent honest but when i do I will let you guys know.

As usual thank you so much for your support. I cant begin to describe how much I miss home..
You guys are the best. 


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